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Auricular Acupuncture


The principle of auricular acupuncture is based on the fact that various ear points or zones correspond to an organ or a body system. Therefore, by needling, massaging or applying an electrical stimulation or a small ear seed, it is possible to treat certain conditions.

This form of acupuncture has been proven highly effective in treating stress, anxiety, depression and hormonal disorders. It is also very successful in treating many forms of addictions including smoking, alcohol, drug and over-eating.

Benefits to You:

  • feeling more relaxed
  • being more focused
  • sleeping better
  • feeling less anxious
  • having more energy

Other benefits:

  • improved metabolism
  • reduced cravings
  • quit smoking

Points used during this treatment:

1- Sympathetic Point: Balances the autonomic nervous system and reduces stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. It has a strong analgesic and relaxing effect upon internal organs as it balances epinephrine and nor-epinephrine levels.

2- Shen-men Point: Also known as "spirit gate" point. Needling this point helps to alleviate anxiety, tension, pain, excessive sensitivity and nervousness. It also reduces hypertension and provides a calming and relaxing effect.

3- Kidney Point: This point is associated with growth, development, courage, intelligence and the process of aging. It stimulates hormonal functions, relieves oedema, influences mental state and happiness. Needling this point aids in improving mental focus and reminds one of their personal willpower.

4- Liver point: This point is associated with anger and aggression; responsible for planning, vision and insight. Needling this point stimulates hormonal functions, relieves muscle cramps, depression, and frustration, as well as helping to see inside oneself.

5- Lung point: Needling this point helps to regulate breathing, circulation and assists in immunity. It is one of the most important points used to accelerate the rate of detoxification. It aids with the process of "letting go", and provides acknowledgment of both past and present.