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Registered Massage Therapy


Regular Massage Therapy is an important part of your health and wellness plan as it provides a preventative approach to your health and well being.

Doctors recommend therapeutic massage to decrease pain, promote mobility and ranges of motion of the joints, reduce stress and promote relaxation. During our therapeutic massage treatments we use general Swedish techniques as well as pressure, kneeding, frictioning, joint mobilization, facial work, trigger point, acupressure and other techniques.

In addition to relaxation and preventative treatments we offer rehabilitative services for muscular-skeletal acute and chronic conditions.

All massage therapy treatments can be customized to meet your particular needs.


Tui-Na is is the name given to Chinese Medical Massage that has been used in China for over 2,000 years. It uses the traditional Chinese medical theory as its basic therapeutic orientation.

Tui-Na uses a variety of hand techniques and passive and active stretching to restore correct anatomical musculo-skeletal relationships, neuromuscular patterns, and to increase the circulation of blood to remove biochemical irritants. Acupuncture points may be selected in order to facilitate healing and prevent further injury, allowing the body naturally heal itself.

Any musculoskeletal disorder may benefit from Tui-Na. This includes shoulder problems, joint pain, back, hip, thigh, knee, lower leg and ankle disorders as well as chronic stress-related disorders of the nervous, digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems. Tui-Na is appropriate for both acute and chronic pain. Contraindications include conditions involving fractures, phlebitis, infectious conditions, open wounds, and lesions.